Oliver Laughton
Broadcast PR Professional

I specialise in securing national exposure for organisations who wish to convey their message to millions of people via BBC and commercial stations. I work with companies and brands of all sizes and across all sectors who wish to be presented in the most authoritative, positive and credible way possible. Currently, UK Radio offers incredibly exciting opportunities with many unique benefits - let's explore further ...

Radio is more popular than ever

In 2017, radio listening in Britain reached a record high with Rajar figures indicating over 138 million radios in homes, cars and workplaces. Over 91% of the population tuned in each week listening to a total of over 1 billion hours of radio a week in the first quarter of 2017 alone.
Radio is a proven and trusted media through which to project positive key messages to a receptive audience.


Radio is trusted

Over 66% of people in the UK considered radio to be trustworthy and factually accurate, compared with 58% for online, 54% for television and a mere 34% for newspapers.
Listeners often feel that radio presenters are speaking directly to them in an environment where they feel relaxed, happy and responsive.


Beginnings of UK Radio


The future of Radio

Radio is alive and well, and continues to prove itself as the largest media platform, but where is it heading? Can it keep up with the ever-changing information and entertainment landscape? Many stations are now offering live streams of their programming for free through the internet and downloadable smartphone apps. One thing that won’t change is the relevancy and effectiveness of radio broadcasting.
For the foreseeable future, Radio is here to stay!