Oliver Laughton
Broadcast PR Professional

I am a broadcast PR professional who specialises in securing the most beneficial exposure for clients via both radio and television in leading news and feature programmes.
I work with many top companies in all genres and of all sizes who wish to be presented in the most authorative and cost-effective way possible.
Currently UK Radio offers incredibly exciting opportunities with many unique benefits - Explore further ...

Radio is more popular than ever

In 2017, radio listening in Britain reached a record high. Recent Rajar figures show that with over 138 million radios in homes, cars and workplaces, 91.6 per cent of the population tune in each week with a total of over 1 billion hours of radio a week in the first quarter of 2017 alone.
When it comes to marketing a product, service or company, the radio provides a trusted media from which to project your key messages to a huge audience.

Authorative, trusted and highly targeted

47% of U.K listeners trust radio as their primary and most important source of information.
Radio is a unique environment in which listeners feel that the presenters are speaking directly to them and any information they hear is trusted. It also means that listeners hear messages in an environment where they feel relaxed, happy and responsive to the message.