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Your brand is arguably your Company's most important asset

Here are three strategies which can generate a real impact on reinforcing and building your brand.

1. Online Presence
​ Nowadays, most people use the Web first to search for a product or service.
So it’s imperative for a business of any size to have a strong online presence in order to build a reliable brand.

First step - secure a meaningful, memorable, keyword-rich domain name. Remember, that a domain name can be leveraged in several ways. If you’re not ready to launch a website just yet, you can still get started with opt-in, business-branded email. Show the world that your company is established and professional so potential customers will find you more credible.

No website? No problem. You can now connect a custom web address to your social media or ecommerce page, allowing it to act as a business website. Now when a customer types in your web address, it takes them directly to your social media presence. Having your own web address makes it easy to tell people where to find you online. And, if you want to create a website in the future, you already have a great web address that your customers know.

Then once you’re ready to take the next step, design, plan and launch a Company website. It is important to choose a reliable host for your website - visitors will rapidly go elsewhere if your site has unacceptable downtime. Design for a friendly, easy-to-use, pleasant and consistent visitor experience and gain trust with online consumers and reach a wider audience with your message 24/7. And make sure your site is mobile friendly too.

2. Digital Marketing

With so much competition to choose from, promoting your business frequently helps keep you top-of-mind. Showcase what defines your brand from the competition by using these marketing methods that will build recognition and trust amongst existing and potential clients:

Email – boost customer loyalty by regularly updating them of special offers, new lines etc. Consider carefully the frequency of email notifications.
SEO – increase your website’s visibility to search engines so your site reaches more potential online consumers.
Social Media Advertising – try paid advertising on social networks where your customers and prospects spend time. Many social platforms have budget-friendly options. Here are some options:

Twitter ads can work with any budget, and can easily be set up with just a credit card.
Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to segment advertising targets by age, gender, location and interests, among other factors.
YouTube offers free services, charging fees only if users actually watch your videos.
Content – create and distribute unique content to attract customers to your brand, products and services.

3. Strive for a consistent customer experience

Whether it’s spoken over the telephone, written on a blog or printed on a business card, providing a consistent experience through all business touch points is key to building a strong brand that resonates with your audience. Take the necessary steps to ensure you are providing a consistent, seamless customer service experience through all channels whether it’s your help desk, live chat, and yes, social media. Design & Messaging – be consistent with your logo, fonts, colours and graphics (i.e., stationary, brochures, apparel) and messaging across all forms of communication (i.e., web articles, Tweets, newsletter) since this is key to building an effective, accurate brand.

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